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Bespoke RoundTable

Women Leading Change Now  convenes Bespoke RoundTable of  World Leaders and affected Citizens to address an issue of major concern in the world. These RoundTable discussions are designed to amplify the issue, create actionable change and ultimately produce a  trackable pipeline to forums such as United, Nation, World Economic Forum and Davos, world and local governments,  NGO's and organizations dedicated to implementing necessary change. 

Please contact Ambassador Yolonda Mabuto if you are interested in being a Speaker at an upcoming RoundTable.

Motivational Speaker

Lifesavers Ambassadors International USA Premier Launched Bespoke RoundTable at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 66
TOPIC: Climate Change

March 25, 2022 Lifesavers Ambassadors International USA Premier launched the Bespoke RoundTable at the UNCSW66 on the topic of Climate Change. 

LISAI convened 19 Speakers to discuss the impact of climate change on women in their respective industries, cities, urban areas and countries. 

The discussion produced a 20-point request for action items report that will be forwarded to the United Nations, World Economic Forum and Davos for consideration and action. 

Decisions are made at the Table
Join Us and be where the decisions are made

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USA Country Director 
Ambassador Yvonne Gamble

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