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VOICES from The Street 

Your Voice Your Power

Let your voice on issues be heard! Submit a 1-2 min video on your position, your company's position or your organization's position on an issues that touches the lives of girls, women or humanity. 

The World wants to hear from you today! Send your video to Ambassador Jacque Zoccoli for review and publication approval,


Our Philosophy

Women Leading Change Now's Prime Directive is to strengthen the voice of women to effectively determine future innovation and social change through women’s increased participation in matters of state and country governance. By convening, creating networks and through training and research we can ensure that women are able to dialogue and participate in and transform processes designed to make decisions.

Think + Do + Move

We exist to convert possibility into awareness and understanding into results. Our global process brings a unique approach to addressing women’s collective goals, a combination of thinking, implementation, and agility that yields one powerful, consistent outcome: Potential Realized.

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